Islamists raised a Cold War against India. 25 years later and half the damage is already done.

India has always fascinated me by her ancient history, extraordinarily different culture, yoga and an admiring way of life.  Her dynamic political history, struggle of her people and her sudden rise like a phoenix has been a catalyst to my curiosity.

I never thought I would write this blog for Indian people considering how much different my faith is and how much different my culture is when compared with them. Nevertheless, I felt, it is very important to stand up and to be vocal when you know something that is very biased, conspired and is being unleashed to cause unrepairable damage.  So this blog started with my finding of one such question on internet, specifically on Quora, which was nothing but “How can a Hindu girl convince her parents about her decision to marry a Muslim and convert to Islam?“. This made me feel, time is running out to convey some bitter truth to Hindus in India that I acquired during my service as a PACOM special services intelligence officer.

This is how it goes but before we dig further, some general caution on certain pattern of questions posted on Quora or generic websites:

“Such questions are most often deliberately planted questions by Islamists to promote Hindu woman conversion and to lure them by taking the reader through the process via various channels. Some users have even replied using Hindu names and using converted fake profiles supporting the conversion. Many Hindu women and men are unable to understand the intention behind these acts.”

Curious? Here you’ll find the facts:

Wow! Hinduism and her culture! What once used to be a great, ancient civilization or way of life that taught everyone on this planet about family and what it was like to live in a society with values. Today, unfortunately, their gracious women are on the street asking unknown people for advice on the internet about marrying Muslims and converting to Islam. Looks very strange but it’s not a matter to ignore. Something has gone wrong. In fact, very wrong. I’ll explain how.

Do you remember or have you ever read about what was happening in the world during the 90’s? Do you know the Yasser Arafat Movement? Middle East conflicts? Islamic uprise in South east Asia? or the Bosnian war? Yes, and of course the famous 1992 demolition too.

What exactly happened next? and how is it related to your problem today?

Here you’ll find some of the facts and I’ll show you how it is related:

  1. Exactly 6 and a half months after the 1992 demolition, prominent Islamic leaders of the world met in Kuala Lumpur (on the 16th of July 1993, National Mosque Complex, Jalan Perdana, Tasik Perdana, KL,) to discuss the next course of action for growing Islam and effectively destroying Hindu culture in the entire Indian subcontinent. They formed a committee of Islamic scholars to identify weak links in Hindu society and Indian culture to come up with a robust plan to conquer India to make her Islamic.
  2. Islamic committee created solely to form the strategy to conquer India outlined that – “India has been the toughest country in the history to conquer permanently by any ruler. British, Portuguese, and french had tried to break Hindu society of their historic caste system for monarchies gain but still could not achieve sustained control of the land. Their rule was eventually overturned by the continued resistance of the powerful Hindu community. So what do we do next? How to use tried and tested DIVIDE and CONQUER policy and on WHOM? Here is an excerpt translated from the files – “The Indian state is the fundamental obstacle in the formation of an Islamic India. Islam has governed ancient India for one thousand years. Hence in that respect, it is every Muslims religious objective to bring that Islamic land under the flag of Islam, under the rule of Tahweed (the oneness of God)”.
  3. Since caste or the ancient Varna system did not work well and was not a viable solution, the next best possible strategy was to reach the core of Hinduism. What is that then? Nothing but dividing Hindu Women and Men within their community to create hard differences of opinions in their family and society. History has repeatedly shown us this strategy to destroy a community and in fact an entire civilization.
  4. This strategy was in fact very easy to achieve as well. How were differences created? Differences were created using various means such as raising pseudo feminism, equality concerns, differences of opinion, targeted ego hurt, and many more tactics (read other blog on this page to understand this tactic better). In fact, most of the issues seriously didn’t exist in Hindu culture and were put into Hinduism with vested interests. I wouldn’t claim Hinduism was free of issues. Issues were there, similar to other faiths, but were not made so prominent for others’ gain. And today, one can see how well Islamists achieved their goal.
  5. In the 90’s at the height of islamic uprise, religious Muslims hid their women in burqa and yet eyed Hindu women only with the intention of converting them in order to terminate a generation of future Hindus (Those who lived through the 90’s can only understand this). Because of already created differences, most of today’s Hindu women are unable to understand the reality and are falling prey to the Islamist threat so easily. Islamists broke Hindu women’s Integrity and ethics by attacking their core value such as self-esteem. If Hindu women’s bonding was as strongly tied to their community as it was during ancient times they would never have fallen prey so easily today. You know, don’t you? In any community, Women are the ones who build a generation. Men play a part of supporting the generation only. So by effective conversion of Hindu women and by making newborns Muslim, a generation of Hinduism is being terminated successfully. Many gullible helpless Hindu parents  have already lost their next generation of Hinduism due to this sly tactic.
  6. By doing this deception, Islamists are not only changing the demography by decreasing Hindu population, but also they are acquiring one more voice for them from converted women. Converted women instantly oppose her previous community and start destroying their previous faith.
  7. So, you may ask how did Islamists bring about these differences? How did they promote these false issues in society then? Who are those people who can reach maximum number of people in society and make a larger impact? They are none other than your celebrities, journalists, public figures, actors, scholars etc. with hidden agenda. As I know from history, India has always had traitors and will continue to have in future.
  8. So, the recommendation was to include and push for more and more of Islamists and propaganda mules in these occupations. Heavy investment of foreign money funded by oil nations was used for this agenda. If India is fighting Demonetization or undeclared money issues today, this is also one of the strong causes. But the government of India cannot publish these facts as it may severely harm diplomatic relationships. Let’s come bit forward to current India from 90s. In current India, you yourself can see the difference in the type of biased news, literature, cinema, and promotions. E.g. a trend now is to show a Muslim boyfriend and Hindu girlfriend to influence young minds.

There were plenty of other recommendations and milestones (e.g., Halal introduction in the Hindu food chain, construction of mosques next to temples to block deity worship, creating stampedes in festivals to kill more and more deities, conversions, sabotage attacks etc. with only the intention of reducing Hindu population) that I can disclose but I think these are enough to address the issue and show how Hindu women are getting detached from their community and how many more are falling prey so easily.

A new age cold war against India started 25 years ago and is still going on.

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How Islamist youths in India are deceptively converting Modern Hindu women in the name of Love


“For those who are new to this blog, the term Hindu used by me is – a reference to related collective culture of India including Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Buddhism etc. So when I use the word Hindu or Hinduism, I intend to refer the original culture/community/religion of India.

An ancient saying roughly translated – “Men do not build the next generation, that is woman who builds her next generation. One woman you lose in community is nothing but loss of one generation and that cannot be reversed at all.” 

Love Jihad is the word of this decade in current India. But I say, never call this tactic just a Love Jihad. It is actually an exploitation of Hindu religion and their independent thinking women.

In my opinion, majority of Hindus do not understand their culture and do not know how to protect themselves or their family from conversion fetishes. Their leniency and ill-information will one day destroy their culture and their religion the same way how it had been destroyed in many Asian countries. Only a fraction of Hindus remain in India (check on Google which other countries used to be Hindu) and if Hindus cannot take any strategic steps, I am confident their culture will be wiped off in another five generations.

Read through one of my extensive research on Love Jihad and the tactics.

How Conversion Jihadis slyly lure Hindu women? How organized Islamic conversion (Taqiya) fetishes strategize to convert Hindu woman in India? Studies of conversion luring pattern reveals as following:

  1. Lovejihad is not just a simple act. It is very organized tactic supported by radical groups and has very deep cross-border roots.
  2. It all starts with befriending a Hindu woman who is a co-worker, student or girl next door. Studies show, modern Hindu independent women are prime targets.
  3. Conversion fetishes use the tactic of regular sweet talks as a true friend. They pose as a true platonic friend to gain her trust and use friendship as a shield to cover up true agenda.
  4. Many a times, these activities are done very secretly and very tactfully. Most of the times even a female friend of Hindu woman never comes to know what is going to happen with her friend.
  5. Regularly brainwash Hindu woman one step at a time (How can a Hindu women get lured so easily? Read other blog on this page to understand the reason. As I said, LoveJihad is not simple activity). Many a times women are brainwashed so much so that they start hating Hindu men and their own society. Gaining trust of someone by deceiving tactics are easier than being truthful.
  6. Most common pickup lines used by Islamic conversion fetishes on a Hindu woman in Indian subcontinent are You look more like a Muslim. You don’t look like a Hindu”, “Will you be a Muslim?” * to make a psychological attack on her thinking process. (*written as said by recent victims who volunteered with us during the research)
  7. A quick strategically planned but casual meet up with man’s family to trigger the innate trust and relationship in Hindu woman. Women were tricked to get attached with men’s family  (especially with man’s mother) so much so that Hindu women ended up ditching their own parents.
  8. The easiest tactic used by these men was to rake up feminism, equality, and independence issues. Except few women, many did not even realize the real motive and ended up ditching their morality. Having a physical relationship with Hindu woman was their priority to create bonding.
  9. Physical relationship was the main reason why many women eloped even after getting married to a Hindu man and at every instances Jihadis ensured to break her home until she got converted and eloped with them.
  10. These deceitful Islamist youths often identified themselves as ATHEIST and non-practicing Muslim in social circles and in front of targeted Hindu women till they become successful in carrying out their Islamic propaganda of conversion and making their kids as only Muslims.
  11. Islamists used Special Marriage Act of 1954 very conveniently to marry the girl legally and converted her right after the marriage to get legal immunity. At this stage, the girl had no choice but to convert and to give the consent.
  12. Kids born were always made to follow Islam by default and a generation of Hindu was terminated successfully by sly Jihadis.
  13. Being one among Hindus, a conversion jihadi successfully terminates a generation of Hindu religion. This happens only because Hindus are very ignorant and they never realize Jihadis’ secret motives.
  14. Indian celebrities promote this to make a trend. Your celebrities marry many different Hindu women in their lifetime and yet children born will always follow Islam.
  15. Your celebrities are questioned for hours in American airports but that doesn’t mean Americans are jobless. You may be ignorant but we know what is the real face behind your so-called (your own English term for sarcasm) celebrities.
  16. Islamic conversion fetishes propagate this trend by showing Hindu women as their girlfriend and wife in almost every Bollywood movies. Show the opposite of this in movies and you see a protest. Do you know why or don’t you?

Let’s see what happened when a Hindu boy was in love with a Muslim girl?

  1. No matter how strong a friendship a Muslim has with Hindu, he is instructed to share with his co-religionist friends when a Muslim girl is in love with a Hindu boy. Your own best friend will do this behind your back.
  2. Even if a Hindu boy does not have any Muslim friends, other unrelated Islamic conversion fetishes make sure to inform this to their group. We have observed one more thing relating to this during the studies: most Muslim women try to defend their religion, but most Hindu women are very submissive and they think defending their religion is old fashioned. They become ready to ditch their community. May it be something to do with those extra strains of a betrayal gene? Not sure.
  3. Unrelated Islamist youths start keeping an eye on Hindu man.
  4. On a perfect day they beat him up to generate fear.
  5. End of love story. This is the same old age strategy used by Islamists all over the world. Read about the history of Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives and many more other countries.
  6. Hindu man ended up with nothing and became a loser in front of people. He almost suffered a huge blow to his confidence.

Then, what can you do as a Hindu?

  1. Use their own tactics if you are aware of any Jihadi trying to befriend Hindu girl to convert.
  2. Integrity is the top most quality expected in a civilized human being. Never ever give respect to both the women who betray their community and the Jihadi who made her do so. Treat them like shit and make them feel trash through every phase of life. Never make the mistake of pardoning the betrayal.
  3. Learn to protect your family. Rise above caste, greed, and especially your own stupid ideology. Your own people will try to mislead you with their their screwed ideology. Very few have eyes to see beyond.
  4. There is nothing personal or private matter when it comes to community or faith. Anything becomes personal when you allow it to grow until that stage. Learn from Jihadis. Stop bringing feminism, equality, independence etc. into each and every issues.
  5. Educate your daughter, sister and every possible woman in your community so in turn they could educate their friends. Do not hesitate to discuss LoveJihad issue with all the women you know. There is a thin line between education and being civilized. Not every educated person is civilized or holds high morality. I hope you understand this point and convey the right message.
  6. Most importantly, educate your own sweet gullible Hindu friends and stop giving up on Hindu women in society. Respect your woman and never give up on her. She may be a daughter, a sister, or a mother of someone else, but as long as she is a woman respect her and treat her with love. That is what brings her near to you.
  7. Never allow conversion fetishes to come in close contact with Hindu woman. Don’t quite understand this point? Try to get close with a Muslim girl to see your own Muslim friends’ true agenda. They will work like a team and separate you from her. You have to learn something here. Remember, a religion/community is nothing other than Your Family, Your Women, and Your Land. If you lose even one out of these three, a religion remain nothing more than an ordinary book.
  8. Very important thing to note here: even if a Hindu girl is not related to you, ensure that you keep her away from Jihadis somehow. Modernization is not converting or ditching your community. Modernization is improving your community to make it strong.
  9. Never share a women’s contact information with Jihadis. Conversion jihadis are well trained to behave nicely and yet they destroy your religion and culture strategically. Being broadminded is entirely a different thing. Show your broad mindedness by building your culture.
  10. In my opinion, Hindus should put pressure on the government to abolish the Special Marriage Act and amend the Hindu Marriage Act with non-conversion rules to Hindus and the rule that newborns must be a Hindu no matter the father’s religion (Some may argue this law as unconstitutional, then please read point no.11). The day you abolish this law, automatically all this farce love and drama of Jihadis will be over. Do it and see the result. What kind of country in the world makes such an ignorant special marriage act to crucify their own people slowly day by day?
  11. Make a pro-feminist law where a Man willing to marry a Hindu woman must convert and accept Hinduism. Existing conversion of married woman is very fascist and patriarchal.

UPDATED with SUGGESTION for Hindu girls based on a request from a user who had experienced these tactics in her life and suffered to the core:

Islamic conversion fetishes approach Hindu women casually and very often to try their luck. Being one among you, they behave very differently in front of Hindu men but yet display their sly act with Hindu women secretly by contacting her on messaging apps, chats, and by regular personal conversations.

By targeting woman’s emotions, they bring about a situation where woman cannot say NO to them.

So how can a Hindu woman identify a conversion fetish quickly and how do you get rid of the situation?

  • When they approach you to try their luck (they will definitely approach by various means. Most commonly they are co-workers in your field of work), instead of giving several reasons like your family won’t agree, mom won’t agree and dad won’t agree etc., just tell them directly, “I am HINDU and I respect and believe in my faith” and direct him to accept Hinduism LEGALLY and PERSONALLY to become one among your FAMILY before going any further.” It should be your motto to lift people from darkness rather than you falling in the pit.
  • This type of situation is the only chance for you to control the matter and your life before you end up losing control over your consciousness and integrity.
  • I bet by this time you will realize his secret motto very well. Else, they will start fooling you emotionally by showing their sly good behaviour in front of you until you agree and convert. Avoid this one specific mistake in your lifetime.
  • Moment you hear the word ‘REVERTED’ or ‘REVERT to Islam’ from a Muslim youth, be assured he is part of organized propaganda. They were told to use REVERT instead of CONVERT in preachings.

Very important to remember you should discuss with your parents and your own people on the very first day before ending up on a one-way street. Conversion fetishes always try their best to keep the matter from reaching your family and friends. This is the sign you must catch and must discuss with your people in advance before becoming helpless later.

In case you think this tactic is being used only in Indian subcontinent, then you are very wrong. This is being used globally (Read about grooming gangs) and most Western girls are aware of this now and are not falling prey as before.

Being an adult doesn’t mean one won’t fall prey to deceptive (Taqiya) conversion. Good luck.

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Will India end up having a Muslim majority in the future? What will be the social, economic, and political consequences if that happens?

“It is in human nature to ignore the warnings and advice given by their own people.”

Being a foreigner to India and Hinduism, I will answer the above question with my real life experience and will try to throw some light.

Please control your impulsiveness of commenting even before understanding your own history and your current issues.

I will have to reveal a bit about my background before answering this question very credibly. I am a second generation American. My grandparents migrated to USA from a country that once used to be a peaceful place to live on earth and most of her people were Christians. Today, that country that once used to be a heaven is now Islamic and is completely collapsed, going through civilian conflicts and has become a hell on earth (A simple google search term “<country name> before and after Islam” will help you to find more about before and after pictures of that country and other similar countries). Whenever I look back at my roots and turn the pages of my family photo album, I cannot stop myself from becoming emotional and at the same time I hate my ancestors for being ignorant and secular.

How did this happen then? How a peaceful country turn into hell? I will show you how by pointing at India and her ignorant Hindus. It’s a perfect example to show this process in the works. Hope you will understand the situation better through this example.

  1. Everything was going very well until the Islamic cult was planted in our society. The strategy being followed by Islamists is the same all over the globe and nothing has changed much in centuries together.
  • Check history of many more collapsed countries in the world. One should sometimes use the internet for purposes other than dating (I am smiling here). You’ll understand your history and your current hidden issues better.
  1. When the number of muslim population was minimal in my country, they did live peacefully with our society. They took lot of favors from the government and institutions by showcasing themselves as peaceful people from a minority faith.
  • Does this point make you tick, buddy? Indian quotas for religious minorities? (I just raised my eyebrows twice while asking this question to you).
  1. Later, the real Islamic game began slowly. Islamists pushed more and more Islam into our neighbourhood. The main channels used for this purpose were books, religious gatherings, theatrems and especially songs with Islamic content. A parallel society was created. Being liberals, my ancestors praised islamic growth and their false contribution to society without even realizing the hidden motto. (While writing this line I just felt ashamed of my ancestors)
  • Again, Does this point make you tick, buddy? Bollywood movies, pseudo secular news channels, pseudo secular personalities, and their hidden Islamic propaganda? I bet, you won’t understand so easily.
  • Don’t worry, you will understand this only when you reach the end. But options would have gone out of your hand by that time. My ancestors are a perfect example for you. Many were killed and many fled the country ( e.g. my grandparents) to save themselves from persecution and atrocities.
  1. One conversion fetish married a Christian girl and converted her in the name of love, then 10 conversion fetishes married 10 more Christian girls and converted them in the name of love, and then their kids married 100 more Christian girls and converted them in the name of love. The chain of conversions was in the name of love and it created a new trend. As usual, being liberals our ancestors didn’t understand the logic and agenda behind this sly act of deceptive conversion. My ancestors thought this phenomena as co-living and multicultural existence.
  • Does this point make you tick, lady? Do you think badmouthing and leaving your religion for conversion fetishes will bring good to your culture or country? When will you learn that the concept of feminism is not about abusing your own religion and your community and your own people? There are many in your surrounding area and country that will misguide you in order to separate you from your community by throwing flashy concepts at you. Think well before falling prey.
  • Your one selfish act of converting for a conversion fetish will destroy many others’ homes and cultures slowly and day by day. Hence, converting is not personal choice or freedom to boast about. Give a thought.
  1. Mosques were built next to our churches and in our residential areas. The only reason behind this was to block more and more Christians from attending the churches by making the complete street and neighbourhood as majority. As usual, our ancestors thought and believed that act as co-living (Very funny). Today, one cannot even sleep peacefully there amidst the loud sound from public announcement systems and the firing of guns.
  • Does this point make you tick, buddy? How many mosques used to be in India a decade ago? How many mosques do you find next to Hindu temples and in your own residential area? Ask your grandpa and grandma for an answer to this question. Were they used to hearing preaching from loud speakers so prominently in their time?
  • Welcome, you are almost reaching your destination towards destruction.
  1. By that time, they reached a majority position and my ancestors didn’t even realize their growth. Then the real game of culling started. Many were killed by branding Infidels (Kafirs) and many (like my grandparents) fled the country to escape persecution and forced conversions. Yes, Conversion for love turned into mandatory conversion to live their life. Deceptive conversion for love to forced conversion.
  • Does this point make you tick, buddy? Are you aware of what is happening in different states of India and in different places? Things seem to be happening in small scale for a population of billions. Do not worry, you will catch up with the large number soon. All the best.

Finally, the conclusion. Yes, the reality will hurt you. But I must say, based on the current reality of India and based on the history and experience of my own ancestors, India will end up being a Muslim majority with disastrous consequences to her people, her history, heritages, temples, and culture if Hindus do not take some strategic steps by learning from other countries’ mistakes.

Those who are showing the graphs of population growth are in denial of the fact and are misleading the innocents. Those graphs have very basic flaws.

  1. It doesn’t consider the rate of culling of Hindus every day.
  2. It doesn’t consider the increase of Islamic population by movement of people to their religion. i.e. effective conversion of Hindu women.
  3. It doesn’t consider the conversion of Hindu men to Islam.
  4. It doesn’t consider the false census data provided (Again an age old trick… effective avoidance in true participation in census).
  5. It doesn’t consider the exponential increase in the number of new born to Muslim women as well as converted Hindu women and more conversion of Hindus by their future generations.
  6. Most importantly, it doesn’t consider the survival of the fittest theory.

I do have many Indian Hindus who are very good friends of mine. But yet when a Hindu friend argues with me about being liberal, secular and about being some other term from their misguided dictionary, I just silently say to myself with a wicked smile on my face “Welcome, wait in the queue until your turn. Till then you won’t understand even a bit of your ignorance.”

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