Islamists raised a Cold War against India. 25 years later and half the damage is already done.

I found a question posted on Quora saying “How can a Hindu girl convince her parents about her decision to marry a Muslim and convert to Islam?” and felt that time is running out to convey some bitter truth regarding Hindus in India that I gained during my days in the US armed forces.

“Some general caution on certain types of questions posted on Quora:

Such questions are most often deliberately planted questions by Islamists to promote Hindu woman conversion and to lure them by taking the reader through the process via various channels. Some users have even replied using Hindu names and using converted fake profiles supporting the conversion. Many Hindu women and men are unable to understand the intention behind these acts. Still I will provide you some truth assuming the question is legitimate.”

Here you’ll find the facts:

Wow…. Hinduism and her culture….

What once used to be a great, ancient civilization or way of life that taught everyone on this planet about family and what it was like to live in a society with values. Today unfortunately, their gracious women are on the street asking unknown people for advice on the internet about marrying Muslims and converting to Islam. Looks very strange but it’s not a matter to ignore. Something has gone wrong. In fact, very wrong. I’ll explain how.

Do you remember or have you ever read about what was happening in the world during the 90’s? Do you know the Yasser Arafat Movement? Middle East conflicts? Islamic uprise in South east Asia? or the Bosnian war? Yes, and of course the famous 1992 demolition as well.

What happened next? and how is it related to your problem today?

Here you’ll find some of the facts and I will show you how it is related:

  1. Exactly 6 and a half months after the 1992 demolition, prominent Islamic leaders of the world met in Kuala Lumpur (on the 16th of July 1993, National Mosque Complex, Jalan Perdana, Tasik Perdana, KL,) to discuss the next course of action for growing Islam and effectively destroying Hindu culture in the entire Indian subcontinent. They formed a committee of Islamic scholars to identify weak links in Hindu society and Indian culture to come up with a robust plan to conquer India.
  2. The very first report submitted by the committee outlined that – “India has been the toughest country in the history to conquer permanently by any ruler. British, Portuguese, and other Europeans had tried to break Hindu society of their historic caste system for personal gain but still they could not achieve sustained control of the land. Their rule was eventually overturned by the continued resistance of the powerful Hindu community. So what to do next? How to use tried and tested DIVIDE and CONQURE policy and on WHOM?
  3. Here is an excerpt translated from their document – “The Indian state is the fundamental obstacle in the formation of an Islamic India. Islam has governed ancient India for one thousand years. Hence in that respect, it is every Muslims religious objective to bring that Islamic land under the flag of Islam, under the rule of Tahweed (the oneness of God)”.
  4. Since caste or the ancient Varna system did not work well and was not a viable solution, the next best possible strategy was to reach the core of Hinduism. What is that then? It’s nothing but dividing Hindu Women and Men within their community to create hard differences of opinions in their family and society. History has repeatedly shown us this strategy to destroy a community and in fact an entire civilization.
  5. This strategy was in fact very easy to achieve as well. How were differences created? Differences were created using various means such as raising pseudo feminism, equality concerns, differences of opinion, targeted ego hurt, and many more tactics. In fact, most of the issues seriously didn’t exist in Hindu culture and were put into Hinduism with vested interests. I won’t claim that Hinduism is free of issues. The issues were there, similar to other faiths, but were not made so prominent for others’ gain. And today, one can see how well Islamists achieved their goal.
  6. Religious Muslims hid their sisters in burqas and yet eyed Hindu women only with the intention of converting them in order to terminate a generation of future Hindus (Those who lived through the 90’s can only understand this sentence). Because of already created differences, most of today’s Hindu women are unable to understand the reality and are falling prey to the Islamist threat so easily. Islamists broke Hindu Women’s Integrity and Ethics by attacking their core value such as self-esteem. Hindu women, if your bonding was as strongly tied to your community as it was during ancient times you would never have fallen prey today. You know, don’t you? In any community, Women are the ones who build a generation. Men play a part of supporting the generation only. So by effective conversion of Hindu women and by making newborns Muslim, a generation of Hinduism is terminated successfully. Most of those helpless Hindu parents who had single daughters have already lost their next generation of Hinduism due to this tactic.
  7. By doing this deception, Islamists are not only changing the demography by decreasing Hindu population, but also they are acquiring one more voice for them from subconsciously converted women. Converted women instantly oppose her previous community and start destroying their previous faith subconsciously. I believe if you do need an example for this, just look around.
  8. So, you may ask how did Islamists bring about these differences? How did they promote these false issues in society then? Who are those people who can reach maximum amounts of people in society and make a larger impact? They are none other than your Journalists, Public figures, Actors, Scholars etc. with hidden, doubletalk words in front of their occupation.
  9. So, the recommendation was to include and push for more and more of their own Muslims in these occupations. Heavy investment of foreign money funded by oil nations was used for this agenda. If India is fighting Demonetization or undeclared money issues today, this is also one of the strong causes. But the government of India cannot publish these facts openly and you know why as well. Today, you yourself can see the difference in the type of biased news, TV, cinema, and promotions. E.g. A trend now is to show a Muslim boyfriend and Hindu girlfriend in almost every commercial Bollywood movie. Just observe with keen eyes during your next visit to movies.

There were plenty of other recommendations and milestones (e.g., Halal introduction in the Hindu food chain, construction of mosques next to temples to block deity worship, creating stampedes in festivals to kill deities, torching night journey buses, reservations, conversions, sabotage attacks etc. with only the intention of reducing the Hindu population) that I can disclose but I think these are enough to address your problem and show how you became detached from your community and how women like you are falling prey so easily.

I would say, since the facts are straight, please go ahead and destroy Hindus from India with your full heart and soul. But remember, Islam considers you a human being without self-esteem who is born to be converted. It was Hinduism that gave you so much freedom. But ultimately Hinduism has been exploited by YOU in return. You selfishly misused a freedom that was given wholeheartedly by your people and by your parents without even thinking about future of your faith and community.

So think well lady!!

A new age cold war against India started 25 years ago and is still going on.

Read other blogs on this page to know facts and patterns of how Hindu women are being lured successfully.


4 thoughts on “Islamists raised a Cold War against India. 25 years later and half the damage is already done.

  1. Manish says:

    Whatever you tell is absolutely correct in Indian environment. Have seen Muslim man approaching via mail to Hindu women who write pro-Hindu as part of strategy to brainwash. Lakhs of Hindu women are lost every year ( especially minor girl who should not be marrying as not reached legal age, even as 2nd or 3rd wife ) in India to Love-Jihad

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nowadays Muslim Youth fake Hindu Name and caste to lure Hindu girls once trapped in love trance next step is sex and secret video the act to weaken her going back. Also hey gate crash to Garba dance in Gujarat. Strategy is must be Put tilak at entry ask to recite shloka or gotra things like that may be some deterrence. But entry strictly based on Aadhaar Card and playing only Hindu devotional songs for Garbha will be more fruitful.


  3. Sanjay says:

    Opened truth and thank you for publishing this time bound steps for each and every Hindu before their existence finished.
    We mostly found 80-90% of our friend circle has been dominated by the idea of fake secularism, liberalism and atheist and for which the Muslim friend, Bollywood and school books by Secular government responsible.
    I am very thankful to you.


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