Will India end up having a Muslim majority in the future? What will be the social, economic, and political consequences if that happens?

“It is in human nature to ignore the warnings and advice given by their own people.”

Being a foreigner to India and Hinduism, I will answer the above question with my real life experience and will try to throw some light.

Please control your impulsiveness of commenting even before understanding your own history and your current issues.

I will have to reveal a bit about my background before answering this question very credibly. I am a second generation American. My grandparents migrated to USA from a country that once used to be a peaceful place to live on earth and most of her people were Christians. Today, that country that once used to be a heaven is now Islamic and is completely collapsed, going through civilian conflicts and has become a hell on earth (A simple google search term “<country name> before and after Islam” will help you to find more about before and after pictures of that country and other similar countries). Whenever I look back at my roots and turn the pages of my family photo album, I cannot stop myself from becoming emotional and at the same time I hate my ancestors for being ignorant and secular.

How did this happen then? How a peaceful country turn into hell? I will show you how by pointing at India and her ignorant Hindus. It’s a perfect example to show this process in the works. Hope you will understand the situation better through this example.

  1. Everything was going very well until the Islamic cult was planted in our society. The strategy being followed by Islamists is the same all over the globe and nothing has changed much in centuries together.
  • Check history of many more collapsed countries in the world. One should sometimes use the internet for purposes other than dating (I am smiling here). You’ll understand your history and your current hidden issues better.
  1. When the number of muslim population was minimal in my country, they did live peacefully with our society. They took lot of favors from the government and institutions by showcasing themselves as peaceful people from a minority faith.
  • Does this point make you tick, buddy? Indian quotas for religious minorities? (I just raised my eyebrows twice while asking this question to you).
  1. Later, the real Islamic game began slowly. Islamists pushed more and more Islam into our neighbourhood. The main channels used for this purpose were books, religious gatherings, theatrems and especially songs with Islamic content. A parallel society was created. Being liberals, my ancestors praised islamic growth and their false contribution to society without even realizing the hidden motto. (While writing this line I just felt ashamed of my ancestors)
  • Again, Does this point make you tick, buddy? Bollywood movies, pseudo secular news channels, pseudo secular personalities, and their hidden Islamic propaganda? I bet, you won’t understand so easily.
  • Don’t worry, you will understand this only when you reach the end. But options would have gone out of your hand by that time. My ancestors are a perfect example for you. Many were killed and many fled the country ( e.g. my grandparents) to save themselves from persecution and atrocities.
  1. One conversion fetish married a Christian girl and converted her in the name of love, then 10 conversion fetishes married 10 more Christian girls and converted them in the name of love, and then their kids married 100 more Christian girls and converted them in the name of love. The chain of conversions was in the name of love and it created a new trend. As usual, being liberals our ancestors didn’t understand the logic and agenda behind this sly act of deceptive conversion. My ancestors thought this phenomena as co-living and multicultural existence.
  • Does this point make you tick, lady? Do you think badmouthing and leaving your religion for conversion fetishes will bring good to your culture or country? When will you learn that the concept of feminism is not about abusing your own religion and your community and your own people? There are many in your surrounding area and country that will misguide you in order to separate you from your community by throwing flashy concepts at you. Think well before falling prey.
  • Your one selfish act of converting for a conversion fetish will destroy many others’ homes and cultures slowly and day by day. Hence, converting is not personal choice or freedom to boast about. Give a thought.
  1. Mosques were built next to our churches and in our residential areas. The only reason behind this was to block more and more Christians from attending the churches by making the complete street and neighbourhood as majority. As usual, our ancestors thought and believed that act as co-living (Very funny). Today, one cannot even sleep peacefully there amidst the loud sound from public announcement systems and the firing of guns.
  • Does this point make you tick, buddy? How many mosques used to be in India a decade ago? How many mosques do you find next to Hindu temples and in your own residential area? Ask your grandpa and grandma for an answer to this question. Were they used to hearing preaching from loud speakers so prominently in their time?
  • Welcome, you are almost reaching your destination towards destruction.
  1. By that time, they reached a majority position and my ancestors didn’t even realize their growth. Then the real game of culling started. Many were killed by branding Infidels (Kafirs) and many (like my grandparents) fled the country to escape persecution and forced conversions. Yes, Conversion for love turned into mandatory conversion to live their life. Deceptive conversion for love to forced conversion.
  • Does this point make you tick, buddy? Are you aware of what is happening in different states of India and in different places? Things seem to be happening in small scale for a population of billions. Do not worry, you will catch up with the large number soon. All the best.

Finally, the conclusion. Yes, the reality will hurt you. But I must say, based on the current reality of India and based on the history and experience of my own ancestors, India will end up being a Muslim majority with disastrous consequences to her people, her history, heritages, temples, and culture if Hindus do not take some strategic steps by learning from other countries’ mistakes.

Those who are showing the graphs of population growth are in denial of the fact and are misleading the innocents. Those graphs have very basic flaws.

  1. It doesn’t consider the rate of culling of Hindus every day.
  2. It doesn’t consider the increase of Islamic population by movement of people to their religion. i.e. effective conversion of Hindu women.
  3. It doesn’t consider the conversion of Hindu men to Islam.
  4. It doesn’t consider the false census data provided (Again an age old trick… effective avoidance in true participation in census).
  5. It doesn’t consider the exponential increase in the number of new born to Muslim women as well as converted Hindu women and more conversion of Hindus by their future generations.
  6. Most importantly, it doesn’t consider the survival of the fittest theory.

I do have many Indian Hindus who are very good friends of mine. But yet when a Hindu friend argues with me about being liberal, secular and about being some other term from their misguided dictionary, I just silently say to myself with a wicked smile on my face “Welcome, wait in the queue until your turn. Till then you won’t understand even a bit of your ignorance.”

Read other blogs on this page to know facts and patterns of how Hindu women are being lured successfully. 




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